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Naming & Adoption

Every family is unique, and the journey to becoming a family can take many beautiful forms. Whether you're welcoming a new member through adoption, celebrating the arrival of a precious child through naming, or simply gathering to celebrate your loved ones, Yorkshire's dedicated Civil Celebrant, Rebecca Boothroyd, is here to help you create heartfelt and memorable ceremonies that unite families and celebrate love.

Embracing New Beginnings

Adoption Ceremonies

The decision to welcome a child into your family through adoption is a profound and heartwarming journey. 

An adoption ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate not just the legal process but also the love, commitment, and shared dreams that unite your family. Rebecca Boothroyd specialises in creating adoption ceremonies that beautifully honor this extraordinary bond and mark the beginning of a new chapter in your family’s story.

Rebecca Boothroyd

Welcoming New Life

Naming Ceremonies

The arrival of a new child is a moment of pure joy and anticipation. Whether you’re celebrating the birth of your child or welcoming them into your family through a blended family situation, a naming ceremony is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment as parents, guardians, and family members. 

Rebecca Boothroyd will work with you to create a meaningful and personal naming ceremony that reflects your family’s values, traditions, and the unique personality of your child.

Celebrating Love and Connection: Family Ceremonies

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and celebrating the love and connection you share with your family is a beautiful way to create lasting memories. Whether you’re marking a special anniversary, honoring a family milestone, or simply coming together to celebrate the bonds that tie you, Rebecca Boothroyd can help you craft a family ceremony that is as unique as your family itself.

Why Choose Rebecca Boothroyd for Your Family Ceremony?

  1. Experience: Rebecca is a highly experienced celebrant with a deep understanding of the significance of family ceremonies. Her expertise ensures that your ceremony will be conducted with care, sensitivity, and a touch of magic.

  2. Personalisation: Your family is unique, and your ceremony should reflect that uniqueness. Rebecca collaborates closely with you to understand your family’s story, values, and traditions, creating a ceremony that resonates with your family’s journey.

  3. Compassion: Rebecca approaches her role with genuine empathy and warmth. She understands that family ceremonies are deeply personal and emotional, and she is there to ensure that the entire experience is heartwarming and memorable.

Rebecca Boothroyd

Contact Rebecca Today

Rebecca Boothroyd is ready to help you create a family ceremony that celebrates your unique love story and connection. Contact her today to discuss your vision, share your family’s story, and take the first step toward creating a heartfelt and memorable ceremony that unites your family and celebrates love.

Let us come together to celebrate new beginnings, honor the bonds of love and commitment, and create lasting memories. With Rebecca Boothroyd as your celebrant, your family ceremony will be a cherished and meaningful experience that unites your family in love and celebration. Your journey to uniting and celebrating your family begins here.


Contact Rebecca Boothroyd today to start planning your wedding or memorial service. I look forward to being a part of your special moments and making them truly unforgettable.

Rebecca Boothroyd


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