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Funeral Services

The loss of your loved one can be a very stressful and emotional time. I promise to deliver a professional beautiful service that celebrates your loved ones life and reflects their character, in a fitting tribute to you and your family.

When a loved one dies, your chosen Funeral Director will visit to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a date for the ceremony – please let them know that you’ve chosen me as your Celebrant. As soon as the date has been confirmed, they’ll contact me to make the necessary arrangements.

With a date and time arranged, I’ll call you within 24 hours to arrange to visit you and your family at a time convenient at your home or chosen location. We’ll discuss all the necessary details and talk about your love one’s life, ensuring that we create an uplifting ceremony that encompasses all your needs and truly reflects your love one’s character and life.

The celebration of life service is a totally unique personal tribute and can include:

  • Personal stories, poems, prayers or readings.
  • A choice of religious or non-religious content.
  • Any additional requirements such as slide shows or live music.
  • Up to three pieces of music from any genre.
Funerals by Rebecca Walker, Yorkshire Civil Celebrant

Once the celebration of life tribute has been drafted, I will then telephone or if you prefer visit you and your family to go through the ceremony, ensuring that you’re fully aware of what will be said and the order of the day.

On the day, I will meet you, your family and loves ones at the Crematorium or chosen resting place. You'll also receive a commemorative keepsake copy of the service to keep memories close to your heart.

Pet Blessings

Pets are regarded as family members and it’s normal to grieve for them as such - they accept and love us unconditionally and never pass judgment. We need to let our feelings of grief play out and creating a memorial service or funeral helps us to properly deal with our loss whilst at the same time giving us the opportunity to celebrate their life.

We’ll meet and put together a meaningful tribute and deliver a loving memorial service in your home or chosen location. This will include your pet’s life and can include, prayers, poems, and music.

Pet Blessings by Rebecca Walker, Yorkshire Civil Celebrant

Setting up an Area for the Service

We can create a setting for the service by setting a small table and placing it in the room/location of your choice you wish to hold the memorial. If your pet has been cremated, you can place the pet urn in the middle. If you’re planning to bury your pet, you can purchase a pet casket and place it in the middle of the table or area appropriate to their size. We can surround the urn or casket with mementos such as:

  • Dog or cat tags
  • A special collar, or headcoller if a horse/pony
  • Various pictures depicting your pet's life
  • Favourite toys your pet used to play with

If you don't have an urn or casket to memorialize, you can use a large photo that’s framed or some other special article of theirs. You can further decorate the setting with candles and flowers.

Another idea is to compile video footage of your pet to be shown at the memorial service to relive the happiest moments with your departed pet.

Once the ceremony is complete and if your pet is being buried, you can have the participants gather in the backyard or pet cemetery where the pet will be buried.


Q. Can we meet you before making our decision?

A. To enable me to give you the best personal service, I would always recommend a no obligatory meeting to discuss requirements and discuss options in more detail. I can arrange a visit in person or if you are abroad use Skype, messenger or facetime.

Q. What are your fees?

A. Every ceremony whether wedding or funeral is carefully tailored to give you the best day. Every situation is unique so I will work closely with you to create a perfect day or tribute with memories to last forever.

Fees As a Guide
  • Funeral Service fees are paid by the Funeral Director.
  • Pet blessings are £100.
  • Standard Funeral / Pet Blessing services include:

    • A Consultation Meeting.
    • Unlimited email, telephone or Skype conference calls.
    • A bespoke tribute created individually for your loved one or pet.
    • Freedom to include any religious, spiritual and family traditions.
    • A beautiful keepsake copy of your funeral tribute.
    • Travel to the funeral location within England and Wales.

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